How it works

Provide us with your image that tells your brand story. Watch as your event attendees turn it into a work of art in real time

 The mosaic wall encourages consumers to interact with your brand, sharing, or capturing via a photobooth, hashtags or branded webpages. Let consumers capture all of their memorable moments and form part of one final piece

 After their photo is snapped, guests can enter in their information allowing for data collection. This allows consumers to instantly receive a digital copy of their photo along with representation of where it is located in the mosaic. This great mosaic digital takeaway combined with enhanced sharing options, provides your brand with amazing social reach and impressions.

Once the images are taken they are printed on high quality stickers which are marked with a placement on the wall. This makes it easy to engage with guests at the event and get them placing their own stickers. As the image behind the mosaic is unveiled, onlookers at your event are more keen to share to join in the creation process and join one bigger picture


Ways of boosting your brand
Create beautiful visual stories

Imagine the most beautiful photos. Now imagine multiplying the effect and seeing it altogether. The Mosaic Wall takes every individual experience and turns it into a visual masterpiece. And the best part is, that it gets your audience to participate in telling that story.

Boosts engagement to a whole new level

Giving your clients something to do can be wonderfully rewarding. They get immersed in the experience and connect with the idea instead of simply acting as bystanders or viewers.

Customize your visual

You can customize the design of the mosaic to suit your requirements. The size, shape or colors are all up to you. Want to create something black & white? How about a giant portrait of images? It is possible with digital Mosaic Wall.

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