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Cape Town

South Africa

We cater for all events

Trade shows/corporate events

Bring the fun, customise the strip for last memories and brand awareness


A fun magnet, lots of laughs during and after party, with lasting memories

Graduation and school events

Milestone memories that last a lifetime


Make your wedding unforgettable and let everyone take something home

our Photobooths



Set the mood of your photos by choosing color, black and white, or sepia photos. You can pre-set your desired color before the event or you can leave it up to your guests to pick their preference each time they step into the Booth

Fliters Option:


Our photobooth is equipped with a touch screen, allowing guests to easily trigger the shots and choose between options

Touch Screen:


You will receive a flash drive containing your entire collection of photo booth prints (this includes the individual images as well as the images in the strips that were printed) Your usb will be provided to you after the event

Digital images:

Got a logo or something special to say on the strip?Let us design the perfect looking print for you

Print Design:


We will arrive at your venue with a suitcase packed full of props.  We carry a range of weird and wonderful accessories including hats, glasses, masks, moustaches and lips on sticks, quirky signs, speech bubbles and general silliness!

Props Box:

$_20 (2).jpeg

Fast, efficient and eye-catching prints in seconds of photos been taken

Instant and Unlimited prints:

Our super friendly and professional attendants will be on hand to take care of everything from explaining how the booth operates, assisting with props and pose ideas and getting every last party goer in on the fun. They will also take care of assembling the guest book if you have selected this option with your booking.


Our booths is a open air booth allowing you to have 1 to 40 people. It all depends on how much space you have available for the booth.

Open Air Booth: